Himalaya International Model Higher Secondary School, situated at an ideal location for studies is a private English medium co-educational higher secondary boarding school affiliated to Higher secondary Education Board Nepal.


The main objectives of the school are as follows:

  1. To provide higher quality modern education to face the challenges of the 21st century.
  2. To provide co-curricular activities as curricular ones for all round development of the child’s personality.
  3. To impart moral education based on universal values.
  4. To provide a healthy environment and good boarding facilities.


The School complex is located at Narayantar, Jorpati. It is situated in open space of about 30 ropanis of land in a peaceful environment.


The School recruits qualified, experienced and talented teachers. To ensure fluency in spoken English, the School gives preference to teachers of public school or convent background. The non-teaching staff of the school is also qualified and dedicated. This team of staff treats the students as their own children and act as parents, guides and commanders as per the situation. The Hostel In-charge and warden/ Matrons supervise the hostel under the guidance of the administrator. Teachers and  other staff counsel the children instead of corporal punishment.


For achieving academic excellence, the following measures are taken:

  1. For individual attention, limited students are kept in each classroom.
  2. Teachers-Students ratio is kept at 1:10.
  3. Text books, note books and stationery items are supplied by the school.
  4. Adequate teaching aids are provided.
  5. Teachers take their classes after thorough preparation of their lessons.
  6. Regular assessment is done after covering each unit of lesson by conducting regular class tests and unit tests to see the progress of the children.
  7. No class is left unsupervised. If a teacher is sick or on leave, a substitute teacher is arranged.
  8. Due attention is paid to all kinds of students: weak, average and bright ones.
  9. Supervised self-study sessions are held in the morning and evening for boarders.
  10. Library period is compulsory upto class VII.
  11. Teachers’ meetings are frequently held to discuss the progress of the students.
  12. Parents/teachers’ meeting are held after every terminal examination for academic improvement of the child.