Message from Principal

We firmly believe our school/ 2 College is established for standard education in Nepal. From the inception of this academic institution, we are committed to provide globally acceptable environment for the students.

 Our foresight "World Class  Excellence in Education" and dedicated contribution has  been recognized and HIMHSS/ 2 College is honoured by "Educational Excellence  Award 2012" by IIT Delhi. HIMHSS/ 2 College seeks to take its student on journey of self-discovery. On the way we help our students attain their full academics potentials and provide challenges to attain new horizon in the field of physical, cultural and artistic endeavors. We are committed to holistic development of each child entrusted in our care and this will be achieved by tapping and  nurturing their individual abilities so that every matures into a socially useful and productive global citizen. Our qualified, dedicated and experienced teaching faculties in every level are commented for the excellence of education. We are committed to combining academic excellence with the joy of learning. It is our goal to spur every student’s intellectual curiosity and help him/her towards independent thinking and learning. E-learning will be an integral  part of HIMHSS curriculum. To ensure this, Information Technology (IT) will play an important role in providing a modern environment for children to learn and grow. A Completely networked campus will ensure  the benefit of IT accessible to every individual on the campus. The dynamic  school portal will provide web_ based lesson on all subject along with reference material, questions banks and personalized report card which will help the students master in concepts, do their homework and prepare for assignments.