Message from chairman

The main of any education system should be the training of mind as an instrument of knowledge, and not simply to fill with the furniture of objective of knowledge. 

Education ,be it general or specific, through the offering of effective academic and no academic programs of stud and learning, should focus on the total development- intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and ethical of an individual.

 The school education of an individual has a major impact not only on the career of an individual, but on his character, attitude, and ethics as well. Education which will determine the future of a human being should not be limited to the development of intellectual and physical aspects of the person, but it should be extended to impart spiritual and moral training, eventually leading to the creation of pious, responsible and patriotic citizen, who respect not only himself, but also those around him.Studies should be typically go beyond readings and should not only include recreational activities which will offer a student the opportunity to learn new skills and/or expand his talents through unique programming, but should also comprises of hands- on- work in the laboratory or studio and other practical experiences which will prepare him for the exceptions of the world-at-large. The main objective of the school should be to inculcate a sense of togetherness in the minds and hearts of the students hailing from different parts of country. Its aim should be to generate new spirit and outlook in them and make them understand that the education programme, however, specialized it may be with reference to his/her choice, has got to be understood in the holistic context of different issues, the milieu of the society, and all the influences of the world