About HIMS

Founded in the year 1994, Himalaya international model higher secondary school (HIMHS) is the intellectual outcome of dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Nima Lama (G.T) who envisaged the desperate need of an international model school, which could be acknowledged as an educational center of excellence; a co-educational total school system with every  conceivable facility that would meet the high expectations of fond, responsible and ambitious parents: a prestigious institution capable of generating not only competent  students with high academic excellence  to meet the global challenges of higher college/ university education, but a new breed of responsible, caring, patriotic, productive and upright citizens with superior spiritual and moral values, in order to encounter  the present political, so social, cultural and economic turmoil of the world. 


The mission of HIMS  to prepare the student for successful and productive future, make the world  a better place by generating outstanding citizens with superior intelligence, high ethical values and give something  of value back to  the society. HIMS aim to establish itself as  a distinguished educational  center renowned for its academic excellence by making learning more effective, purposeful and productive. 

The objective of Hims is to establish itself as a distinguished educational center renowned for its y academic excellence  by making more effective purposeful and productive. 

Sprawled amidst thirty ropanies of the land the school is located in a sylvan retreat at Narayantar, jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal far away from din and bustie city in an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility, coducive to superior learning.


Students enrolled in HIMS are required to abide by all the norms as laid down herein:

  1. Students are expected not only to attend the Academic Sessions on a regular basis, but also to report to the classes on time. Failure by any students to fulfill the mandatory attendance of 90% at the end of the sessions will automatically disqualify the said candidate who will be debarred from appearing for the Board-Examinations.
  2. No respect for enrollment will be entertained after the scheduled date of final admission/registration.
  3. All students are required to pay their prescribed fee and deposits prior to the commencement of the Academic Session. They must also pay their monthly fee on the due dates, failing in the case of which they will be penalized and/or expelled from the college and no refund whatsoever will be granted. The students who fail to clear all their dues, monetary or otherwise prior to the commencement of final examinations will not be entitled to sit for the same.
  4. All students must without fail not only appear for the periodic fail not only appear for the periodic unit tests and internal examinations as scheduled by the school but must also participate in the prescribed activities. Inability to comply with the same right to appear for the final examinations at the end of the academic sessions.
  5. Students who are absent from the classes are required to produce letters from their absence. Late attendance will not be tolerated and will be regarded as absenteeism. Frequent unpunctually will necessitate and explanation from the parents/guardians or even result in the termination of the students enrollment.
  6. Any students found in possession of narcotics, lethal drugs and weapons or anyone detected selling and/or consuming alcohol, narcotics and cigarettes within the school’s premises will be regarded as grave violators of the school’s norms and will be immediately expelled from the school.
  7. Students are not permitted to bring friends/relatives inside their classrooms nor are they allowed to entertain any outsiders within the school’s premises.  In case of any breach, the defaulter will be sternly dealt with.
  8. While attending the school’s regular sessions or any other official programs/functions, it is mandatory for all students to be attired decently and not to appear wearing slippers sandals, shorts (half pants), leather jackets or any other items considered offensive by the school.
  9. Stern action will be initiated against those who make unauthorized entry or are found misusing or removing any equipment, book, component, instrument, utensil, or any other item which he/she is not entitled to handle. The school shall demand compensation from the concerned student for any item lost or damaged on account of his/her carelessness or negligence.
  10. The school shall not be held responsible for the student’s failure fulfill all prerequisites prior to attempt of the final examinations. Only after school has been fully satisfied with the student’s performance and progress, will he/she be entitled to sit for the above examinations.
  11. Once enrolled no refund whatsoever will be granted even if the student decides to withdraw his enrollment prior to the commencement of the sessions.
  12. Discipline, cleanliness and obedience being the underlying Norms of the school, violation of any rules, regulation and instructions whether written or verbal shall be considered a grave offence and no leniency will be granted to the culprit.
  13. The school reserves the rights to modify/eliminate existing norms and/or formulate new ones at any given time, if deemed necessary. In case of any disputes, the decision of the school or its Governing body will be final and binding.